Things To Do In Alice Springs

Things to Do in Alice Springs

Alice Springs to Uluru

Alice Springs is a bonza spot for the whole family, offering a ripper time all year round. From its chockers museums and galleries to nature parks, natural attractions, tours, and top-notch tucker, there's something for everyone. Alice Springs is easiest to get to by air, but you can also drive there if you're up for an adventure. Once you've sorted your transport and digs, check out this Alice Springs attractions guide to help plan your stay.

Art Galleries

Alice Springs is chockablock with art galleries, both in the CBD and the light industrial area on the west side of town. The galleries here strongly focus on Indigenous Australian art, showcasing the sacred beliefs and traditions of the local Arrernte people. You can buy art from the galleries or just have a squiz and appreciate Alice Springs' creative culture.

  • Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists Gallery
  • Iltja Ntjarra (Many Hands) Art Centre - Selma Coulthard painting
  • Tjanpi Desert Weavers - Julie Yangki
  • Araluen Arts Centre


History & Museums

The museums in Alice Springs, located in the CBD and Stuart Terrace precinct, offer a squiz at the evolution of transportation in Central Australia, including the Royal Flying Doctor Service, ancient megafauna, and local wildlife. You can rock up to the Alice Springs museums during business hours and pay at the door.

Cycling & Mountain Biking

For outdoor enthusiasts, cycling and mountain biking are a treat in the areas surrounding Alice Springs. My Ride and Red Centre Adventures are good spots to start; they rent bikes and can guide you through the trails. Trails on the East side are gentler, while those on the West side are for advanced riders. Cycling around the flat town of Alice Springs itself is also popular.

Aerial Tours

You can get a bird's eye view of Alice Springs with hot air balloon rides, glider, scenic, and helicopter tours. Check out the panoramic vistas from up high and see if you can spot notable landmarks on the ground.

Nature Walks & Hiking

The area around Alice Springs is perfect for day trips with hikes on the agenda. You can walk along the Todd River, around the Telegraph Station, Desert Park, Simpsons Gap, and the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens. Consider a walking tour for a fun and informative way to get to know Alice Springs.

The Larapinta Trail is the most noteworthy hike in the area, starting at the Telegraph Station and heading west 231km along the West MacDonnell Ranges. You can tackle it as a multiday hike or in individual sections. There are also hiking trails in the East MacDonnell Ranges at Trephina Gorge and between Emily and Jessie Gap. Nature walks offer stunning views of the Central Australian desert and insight into the local flora and fauna.

Astronomy & Sunsets

The night sky in Alice Springs is a stunner, with very little light pollution. The Earth Sanctuary is the best place to learn about the night skies, but most areas of the town offer a vibrant night sky for stargazing.


Alice Springs has a great variety of tucker, with food from many cultures around the world available. You can try Indian, Chinese, Italian, and Australian cuisine, including local specialties like crocodile, emu, and kangaroo. There are also several nice pubs and bars serving alcohol.

Alice Springs to Uluru tour


The wildlife of Central Australia is unique to the desert region. The Desert Park and Reptile Centre are the best ways to connect with the local wildlife, with tours led by local guides familiar with the bush and its creatures. You can also join Camel Tracks for a ride up close to the MacDonnell Ranges and spot kangaroos and other wildlife.

Day Trips to Surrounds

Day trips to the surrounding Alice Springs are available via several tour companies. Trips to the East and West MacDonnell Ranges and Uluru are on offer, each with its own list of unique things to do. Join the Alice Springs to Uluru tour, this is an adventure you will never forget.