Where in WA can you see the Milky Way?

Where in WA can you see the Milky Way?

Western Australia (WA), with its vast and unspoiled landscapes, offers some of the best opportunities for stargazing. One of the most breathtaking sights that can be observed here is the Milky Way, our home galaxy. In this article, we will explore the best places in WA where you can catch a glimpse of this celestial wonder.

The Pinnacles Desert

Located within Nambung National Park, The Pinnacles Desert is known for its unique limestone formations. At night, this place transforms into a stargazer’s paradise with minimal light pollution. The dark skies above the desert offer a clear view of the Milky Way, making it an ideal spot for astrophotography enthusiasts.

Wave Rock

Situated near the town of Hyden, Wave Rock is a natural rock formation that resembles a massive surf wave. Apart from its geological significance, Wave Rock is also a popular stargazing destination. Its remote location and lack of light pollution allow for excellent visibility of the Milky Way. It is a breathtaking experience to see the galaxy spread across the night sky above this iconic rock formation.

Karijini National Park

Where in WA can you see the Milky Way?

Karijini National Park is famous for its stunning gorges, waterfalls, and ancient rock formations. However, its remote location and protected status also make it an excellent place for stargazing. The sheer isolation of this park ensures minimal light pollution, providing an unparalleled view of the Milky Way. Camping in Karijini under the starry night sky is an unforgettable experience.

Shark Bay

Shark Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is renowned for its diverse marine life and stunning landscapes. In addition to its natural wonders, this area offers spectacular opportunities for stargazing. The night skies above Shark Bay are incredibly clear, and the absence of city lights makes it an ideal destination for observing the Milky Way in all its glory.

Western Australia is a haven for stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts, with its wide-open spaces and limited light pollution. The Pinnacles Desert, Wave Rock, Karijini National Park, and Shark Bay are just a few of the many incredible locations where you can witness the magical beauty of the Milky Way. Plan a trip to one of these destinations and prepare to be awestruck by the celestial wonders above.

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